Comunicação Escrita de Negócios


Develop written communication competence, ensuring a good text interpretation and the results longed for with the target audience, independently from the communication means used.

Enable professionals to produce texts with clarity, coherence, objectivity, accuracy and conciseness.

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  • Key characteristics of a business text
  • Preparing to write
  • Text structuring
  • What to avoid in written communication
  • Alignment with reader’s language
  • The importance of the text visual: formatting tips and practices
  • Simulating real business texts

People do not have time to read long documents. On the other hand, sharing information in person is increasingly costly. In this digital world, the competence to formalize and write down decisions and results achieved in a clear and concise way becomes increasingly critical. This training offers the skills and tools that enable a substantial difference in how to communicate in writing, improving effectiveness and results achieved.

METHODOLOGY: Case studies, practical exercises and simulations of texts from the reality of participants.