totalsdiA practical and immediate-use self-knowledge instrument, which enables to improve relationship skills and prevent and manage conflicts.

Jovita Silva, director of Up training company, is one of the Brazil distributors of Personal Strengths Publishing (PSP), which is the holder of the TotalSDI methodology and of other Interpersonal Relationship Inventories. PSP is a worldwide company, with distributors in five continents and material translated into more than 25 languages.

We apply this methodology in various training courses and also certify facilitators to conduct training and coaching processes, using the TotalSDI inventory set. To use them, it is necessary to comply with the Certification Program, which has international validity.

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Strengths Deployment Inventory

SDI helps identify personal strengths in relationships with others under two conditions: when all is well and when we face conflict.

SDI has been used to help people improve their interactions for more than 45 years in all parts of the world. Several organizations from all business segments have found value in SDI.


With SDI we are able to map team results and make the recognition of different profiles easier. It also makes it possible for us to identify each one’s reactions in conflict situations, allowing to in-crease self-knowledge and develop self-control.