Promote a reflection on the challenges of time management. Diagnose time wasters.

Provide techniques and tips to eliminate main points identified. Increase skills to manage the use of time.

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  • Characteristics of time

  • The question of self-management

  • Self-diagnosis: my time wasters

  • Planning: clear focus and purpose

  • Importance vs. Urgency Matrix

  • Learning to say no

  • Personal discipline

  • Delegation

  • Perfectionism

  • Biological clock

  • Schedule and to-do lists

  • Optimizing time in day-to-day business.

Physics teaches that time is inelastic. Therefore, it is fundamental to learn to use it well. If we do not know what we will do with our time, others will decide for us! The essence of time management is in defining and managing priorities and not only controlling the clock. This will allow us to establish a balance between our professional, family and social lives. And It will certainly help us get the tasks done.

METHODOLOGY: Self-diagnosis of time-wasters, group dynamics, reflection on the day-to-day, videos.