Arte da Negociação


Develop the art and competence to successfully realize negotiations.

Understand the behavioral dynamics involved in the process and a set of useful tools for negotiating with partner suppliers and clients.

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  • The art of negotiation – based on the Harvard method
  • Key elements in negotiation: Planning; Power Analysis; Creation of Alternatives; Position and Interests; Objective Criteria; BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) and ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement)

  • The importance of relationship building
  • Negotiation styles
  • Emotional control during negotiation
  • Strategies and tactics

We negotiate all the time – in life and at work.

By investing time and energy learning the art of negotiation, professionals will notice a significant increase in their effectiveness in the process of building work partnerships, consecution of objectives and organizational targets and personal gratification in the process.

Good negotiation requires self-esteem, a good planning and lots of communicative and persuasive skills

METHODOLOGY: Case studies, practical exercises, videos and simulations of real situations