Liderando Equipes


Foster the development of the organization’s leaders through self-knowledge and team knowledge.

Find out approaches and techniques to expand a team’s capacity of influence and inspiration, as well as tools to prevent and manage conflict situations.

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  • What is inspiring leadership
  • Leadership is for the other: how to understand people and recognize what moves each one
  • Self-knowledge and recognition of one’s own leadership profile
  • How to communicate with people from different styles in such a way as to increase the influencing and inspiring potential

  • How to prevent and deal with conflict situations
  • How teams work and how to build high-performance teams

There is no leadership if someone is not willing to follow a leader…

Inspiring the team to take commitments and responsibilities on corporate challenges is the key-skill of leadership.

In this training, through self-knowledge and recognition of a team’s own profile, leaders will learn strategies to expand their influencing capacity, becoming inspiring leaders who can connect with their teams in an engaging way.

METHODOLOGY: Case studies, practical exercises and application of the self-knowledge inventory SDI 2.0 (Strengths Deployment Inventory).