Workshop to strengthen the interpersonal relationship of a team, seeking to integrate the team and create a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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  • Sensitize the team so that they can perceive other people with a broader view, which involves the recognition of different motivations, expectations and reality perceptions

  • Sequence of activities that will promote the interpersonal understanding and favor team’s integration and communication

  • Challenges of coexistence: identification of the main vectors of pressure and stress in the team

  • Learning dialogues and conflict prevention

  • Proposition of improvement actions and coexistence pacts.

A Team Building experience is a resource that allows developing team spirit, improving, consequently, performance and cooperation among the professionals involved. This workshop is a 100% personalized work, realized after careful diagnosis on the reality of a team which is experiencing challenging situations or simply wish to strengthen, even more, their integration and productivity capacity.

METHODOLOGY: Previous diagnosis, self-diagnosis, group dynamics, experiential exercises, videos and construction of coexistence pacts.