Apresentação de Sucesso


Develop skills for structuring and conducting successful business presentations.

The focus of this training is to enable participants to deliver messages effectively, instigating an adequate response from the audience and achieving the desired results.

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  • Communication challenges in presentations
  • Technique for structuring presentations: the planning steps
  • Perception and relationship with the audience
  • Presentation techniques: use of voice, body language and support resources
  • Filmed simulations and individual video-feedback
  • How to achieve the desired impact

When making a business presentation, we want to promote change in the people who hear the message. Change can be transformative or as simple as making a decision, committing to some new project, accepting a proposal or sharing ideas. The objective of a presentation is to deliver a message in an impacting way to instigate a suitable response from the target audience. That is what we will seek with this program.

METHODOLOGY: Practical exercises and simulations of participants’ reality presentations with individualized video-feedback