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Up training company is an official partner of Core Strengths, the copyright holder of SDI, and offers development workshops using SDI 2.0.

Jovita Silva is SDI’s master facilitator and delivers certification courses on behalf of Core Strengths in Brazil.

Core Strengths Facilitator

Logo SDI 2.0

What is SDI?
Strength Deployment Inventory

SDI helps identify personal strengths in realtionships with other under two conditions: when all is well and when we face conflict.

SDI has been used to help people improve their interactions for more than 45 years in all parts of the world. Several organizations from all business segments have found value in SDI.

With SDI we are able to map team results and make the recognition of different profiles easier. It also makes it possible for us to identify each one’s reactions in conflict situations, allowing to in-crease self-knowledge and develop self-control.


A practical tool that increases:

  • Self awareness
  • Interpersonal awareness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Team work and team communication

A psychometric assessment that is:

  • Valid and reliable
  • The practical application of a personality theory
Logo SDI 2.0
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What if you had instant access into everyone’s communication style? The Core Strengths Platform reinforces relationship across your entire network. And as more people take the SDI 2.0, others can access their results, allowing the frame of reference for navigating personality differences to spread throughout the organization. This focused effort on strengthening working relationships pays off quickly with better individual and group results.

With the platform you will:

  • Get or review personalized SDI 2.0 assessment debriefs.
  • Compare profiles with coworkers and teams for fresh insight on how to approach conversations, presentations, and performance reviews.
  • Access customized, real-time coaching on how to craft messages, prep for meetings, or enter high-stakes conversations.

SDI 2.0 includes a Platform for improving work relationships

SDI 2.0