Investing in the development of relationship competences

desenvolvimento de competências de relacionamento

It is more than known throughout the corporate world that we cannot deal with people as it used to be. You cannot say, “This is what you have to do. Go do it. ”

People have to learn how to build trusting relationships. The millennial generation, in particular, does not live to work and, rather, works to live. So, we need to connect with them in a different way, to provide the value and meaning they seek. And it is impossible to create value if we do not know what they value. We need to know why they do what they do.

In a training where we apply the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) we can learn to identify this. This methodology, based on the Theory of Relationship® Awareness, in addition to teaching how to identify people’s profile, raises the reasons which drive behaviors.

When we gain a better understanding of ourselves, we can gain a better understanding of other people. Instead of judging, we can exercise understanding. We can become more curious and discover how to leverage our differences rather than let ourselves be frustrated by them.
SDI is capable to help professionals and leaders understand themselves and their relationships with others so they can perform their roles more successfully.

In SDI workshops, professionals learn to shift the focus of behavior (what people do) to motivations (the reasons why people do what they do). When this happens, a better opportunity to influence someone and strengthen relationships is discovered.

When you talk to someone’s values, using words that are at the core of what determines why they do what they do, it is much more likely that people respond well. If your job is to influence and train people, you have to open the doors to their values and not only behaviors. You can fail if you are only looking at behaviors, for behaviors can deceive us. We can all observe behaviors. And we can all make assumptions about what is important to someone based on their behavior. But the fact is, we can be completely wrong.

Behavior alone is only part of the information. If you really need to influence and help people in their development and growth, you have to know what their values are. Certainly, a leadership or professional development training should incorporate the SDI methodology to accelerate such a rich and essential learning.