How do you link behavior in the work environment to personal motivations?

When people want to do what they have to do, they become self-directed and responsible for key results.

Organizations need Leadership and Learning Dialogues, othat is, leaders who focus on the development of effective work processes (what) and effective interpersonal processes (how). Unfortunately, most leaders focus their time and energy on building work processes, while most problems and challenges arise in interpersonal processes.

The key is to link your behavior to your own personal motivation (why) – be it on what refers to people, performance or process.

Meet the UPTC Leadership and Learning Dialogues Training da UPTC

Everybody needs to understand what is driving their choices on how to behave and communicate, and how those choices and actions are perceived by others.

By using TotalSDI set of evaluations we can create powerful and unforgettable learning experiences which include the interpersonal components of effective leadership, the high-management engagement and a healthy organizational culture. Whether it is training, coaching or consulting, TotalSDI makes the insight and application of these concepts in daily situations easier.