Where are tomorrow’s leaders coming from?

De onde os líderes de amanhã estão vindo

That’s the question all HR professionals are trying to answer. And the answer is simple: leadership starts with managers who seek to improve their personal and interpersonal skills.

To become leaders, managers should learn to influence people, give feedback, drive changes and produce results. It is about learning what is important for each team member, eliminating mis-guided assumptions and solving misunderstandings which may arise as a result from different communication styles.
This requires self-knowledge and capacity to connect with people from different origins, generations and values. We develop such skills through customized training for leadership , comprehensive tools and, most important, interesting experiences that enable practice.
The most efficient leaders are those who use effective behaviors (personal strengths) to build strong relationships within their teams and broader networks. Those leaders are positioned to take on greater responsibilities in the future and succeed.

A good way to help our organizations count on tomorrow’s leaders is investing on leadership development. Up Training Company offers many alternatives for this purpose. Contact us.