Career: a responsibility of its owner

No one else has the sweet illusion that it is a company’s place to manage the career of its professionals. Career Plans with designed steps, mapped development needs and sequence of experiences necessary for the improvement of professional competences are no longer tasks of organizations. That is why it has been some time since people realized that it is up to themselves to have a Self-Development Plan.


Despite this awareness, many professionals still feel lost facing the challenge of keeping their career on the rise. Roll up your sleeves and devise a self-development plan, with clear objectives and permanent growth targets. Learn a few simple tips that may help you keep your self-development burning.

1. Your career is not a secret
Secret identity is superhero stuff. Your professional objectives can – and should! – be shared with family, friends and closer colleagues. When you make some progress, spread the news (maybe in a blog?). If you have selected your network well, you will receive several positive messages that will encourage you to move forward more and more.

2. Dear diary
A good way to keep the memory of your professional career alive is to write down the main events in a diary.

Many people are surprised to put their progresses on paper and realize how far they have already gone. Enjoy the diary to list the targets you intend to achieve, but do not forget to set a deadline for each one. Worth it from booking the Saturday to organizing the accumulated business cards until planning the post-graduation or MBA.

3. The map of success
If you have a fall for design, you can choose to represent your career in a graphic. An Excel work-sheet or a simple sheet divided on a ruler can help you visualize the obstacles you have already overcome and the challenges ahead. As in a diary, objectives must be properly placed in time. If you decide to learn German, set when you will enroll. If you want to take on a new position, set a deadline to prepare. And let us get to work!

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4. A Message for the future
How will you be six months from now? And in a year or two? The futurological exercise can get more excited if you write letters to yourself , seal the envelopes and only open them after some time. Or maybe ask a friend to keep them and only deliver in the agreed date. The benefit is twofold: in writing, you will be forced to imagine the future. As you read, you will have a retrospective of what worked or not.

5. Beloved Master
Tutor, mentor, coach or guru. It does not matter the denomination, as long as the chosen person is able to guide you when you need it. It can be a boss, a teacher, a more experienced colleague. Just do not go pick someone “nice”, who speaks exactly what you want to hear. Criticism at the right time is as valuable as a compliment that encourages and leads to new achievements.

6. Adopt an amulet
Carreia-Profissional-Amuleto-MotivaçãoDaruma – that chubby Japanese doll that symbolizes perseverance. It works like this: you buy a daruma and set two important objectives for your career development. When you achieve the first, paint the left eye of the little doll. Overcoming the second target, it is the turn of the right eye. If it works? The Japanese, who painted many daruma eyes during the reconstruction of their country, guarantee it does.