Develop skills to build strong and productive relationships.

Improve self-knowledge and capacity to deal with differences and conflicts.

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  • How to develop Interpersonal Competence

  • Self-knowledge and knowledge of the other through a personality inventory

  • Appreciate and productively deal with differences

  • Conflict management: how we react/how others react

  • Conflict triggers in the organizational environment

  • How to conduct a dialogue to help someone get out of a conflict situation

  • Difficulties in communication and how to overcome them

  • Action plan and self-development

Interpersonal relationship, communication and conflict management skills are essential characteristics to exercise collaboration, focus on the client and responsible posture, besides favoring the generation of results and innovation. This is exactly the focus of this training. By means of an experience of self-discovery and self-esteem strengthening, participants will gain a greater capacity to “read” people and communicate more effectively, strengthening their relationships and working partnerships.

METHODOLOGY: Self-diagnosis, case studies, group dynamics, simulations, videos.