Effective meetings


Provide the exercise and improvement of meeting participation and conduction. Develop skills for planning and structuring effective business meetings.

Stimulate communicative attitudes that make greater assertiveness possible during meetings, especially active listening and persuasiveness.

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  • Why holding meetings
  • Steps for preparing, participating and holding effective meetings
  • Interpersonal attitudes that make commitment and achievement of results easier
  • Use of a self-knowledge instrument that allows an individual to gain awareness of the attitudes they use during a communicative process and that may favor or block communication.
  • Techniques to develop active listening and persuasion
  • Simulations and feedback

Have you ever left a meeting with the feeling that you wasted time?

Or, have you ever had a day so overloaded with meetings that you thought you would like to have time to really work?
During this training we will reflect on the most common mistakes in holding and attending meetings and learn techniques to prevent business meetings from becoming unproductive.

After all, meetings may be rich opportunities to build innovative team results

METHODOLOGY: Case studies, practical exercises, self-knowledge inventory and corporate reality simulation