Develop skills to deal with changes and ambiguities on the day-to-day work.

Share tools and practical tips to apply when making decisions in ambiguous situations.

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  • Understanding the scenarios of changes and ambiguities in the world – VUCA World: Volatility, Uncertainties, Complexity and Ambiguity

  • Reflection on emotional responses in situations of change and ambiguity

  • Developing resilience

  • Dealing with decision risks

  • Incorporating creative license

  • Tips and techniques to deal with ambiguity

  • A tool to communicate and influence in processes of change.

Dealing with changes and ambiguities is the “new business imperative”, according to Colin Shaw. With the faster and faster advance of technology changes, develop skills to positively manage changes and take advantage of ambiguity is essential for the survival of organizations and the future of careers. Along this training, we will promote an insight on the personal strengths and areas of development during changes and ambiguities.

METHODOLOGY: Self-diagnosis, group dynamics, experiential exercises, videos and simulations.