How to prevent and manage conflicts. Difference between conflict and opposition. Conflicts as opportunities.

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  • Differences between Conflict and Opposition

  • Costs of conflict

  • Self-knowledge: how we “work” when things go well and what happens when we experience conflicts

  • Sequence of conflicts: how we react / how others react

  • Recognizing the own sequence of conflicts

  • Conflict triggers in the organizational environment

  • How to conduct a dialogue to help someone get out of a conflict situation

  • How to transform conflicts into opportunities.

In every company there are people with different opinions and distinct personalities, what may easily result in conflicts. Learning to prevent them and manage them productively, without omission, submission or imposition of ideas is the focus of this training. Through SDI 2.0 (Strengths Deployment Inventory), we will promote an approach where conflicts may be seen as opportunities to strengthen ties and take advantage of diversity of ideas and views.

METHODOLOGY: Self-diagnosis, case studies, group dynamics, simulations, videos.