Comunicação no Mundo Digital


Develop skills to improve communication with remote teams, using virtual communication tools more effectively.

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  • Virtual communication challenges and opportunities
  • How to attend and hold more effective virtual meetings
  • Overcoming challenges in virtual meetings
  • Conference calls: tips to improve effectiveness
  • Web-conferences: using the resources available in the chosen tool
  • Instant messages: rules of etiquette and effectiveness
  • Increasing your virtual presence

Emotions in virtual communication differ in many ways from the ones shown in face-to-face interactions. With the loss (or reduction) of visual and auditory clues, virtual communication presents huge challenges which require a lot of care and the learning of techniques to guarantee the effectiveness of teamwork.

With the growing increase of remote work and virtual teams, this training enables professionals to significantly improve their competence in this area.

METHODOLOGY: Self-diagnosis, group dynamics, experiential exercises, videos and simulations.