How to achieve excellence in customer service and loyalty.

Learning to build and maintain bonds of trust. Dealing with complaints and unsatisfied clients.

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  • What is customer orientation

  • The customer satisfaction formula

  • How to build trust

  • Learning to establish rapport

  • How to manage customer’s perception

  • How to align expectations

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

  • Techniques for active listening

  • Self-diagnosis: how do I deal with unsatisfied customers

  • Techniques for dealing with complaints and resistances

  • Simulation and practice.

Developing excellence in customer service and relationships is an important investment for the success of every organization. It is much more than offering courtesy and sympathy. It is necessary to learn to recognize the real expectations of a client – and learn to manage them – to obtain the so desired satisfaction. As there are no flawless companies, knowing how to recover the trust of a frustrated customer is another essential skill we develop in this training.

METHODOLOGY: Self-diagnosis, case studies, group dynamics, simulations, videos.